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How do you select a good reputable pool company to design, build and provide maintenance? There have been horror stories throughout the history of pool construction. Some unscrupulous builders will start a pool then move on to another customer after they collect money in a sort of aquatic ponzi scheme. Always moving to the next customer to gain funds without completing or progressing on started pools.
Referrals are a great start. An independent source, friend, neighbor, relative, that can provide their actual experience in dealing with a pool company.
Social media is also creeping up as a way to check. Using Facebook, Twitter, NextDoor etc are good ways to find feedback. Be aware, larger more sophisticated companies may use these seemingly ‘independent’ sites to stalk interested leads. When questions go out, they can ‘pose’ as someone and provide their biased feedback. Always try to verify the persons independence. NextDoor is a good one because you need to live in the neighborhood.
BBB has been a great source for decades. This is a case where often no news is good news. BBB usually is used as a retaliation toward a business and prominently shows negative feedback and hopefully, the business response in how they handled the issue for their customer. But no feedback may mean that they’ve done a good job and are no issues to report.
Ask good questions when you interview.
How long do you typically take to build a pools?
How many pools are you currently working on at any given
references can I talk to you?
How long have you been in business?
Do you own your own business property/building?
How long have your crews been with you?
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At Flamingo Custom Pools our company slogan is; Quality! Integrity! Flaming! We work hard every day to ensure that these are synonymous . Its not merely words but the words we live by everyday. We do the same basic work as our competitors. What differentiates us from many of our competitors is in how we operate:
Our references are offered up front in the process. When building a new pool and outdoor living space its a major investment and we want to help you be comfortable in making the Flamingo choice. Over 80% of our business is through referrals which is why we don’t do a lot of advertising. we don’t really believe in promoting ourselves too much. Our customers seem to do a fine job on their own.
We participate in social media platforms where open access is available. We want to be transparent, good and bad. If its good, we know we’re staying on the right track. If its bad, then we need to respond appropriately and get back on track, quickly.
We’ve had 2 complaints with BBB in decades of business, and neither of those were related to our work. But being right isn’t what builds solid customers and referral business. Doing what’s right is what’s important. So even though it wasn’t related to our work, we worked with the customer to make sure things were corrected.
Yes we own our own property and building where we take calls, meet with customers on selections and manage our business. We don’t just work out of a truck or lease a storefront. We’re invested in the community and work hard to keep our business growing.
Our ownership is involved in every project and on the job site almost every day. We don’t do a large number of projects as part of our philosophy of ownership supervision. We make sure our customers needs are anticipated and being met through every stage. We will continue to grow our business but as we’ve learned over decades of success, we will be patient in the process.
Many of our crew have been with us decades, since day one. We’re proud to have watched many of them succeed both in how well they do their work and for some, in taking on more responsibility and moving up in their careers.